Preparing for your treatment

Protect your skin by always wearing sun screen. Avoid sun exposure and self tanning products for the duration of your treatments. Please remember we cannot perform treatments on tanned skin.

Prepare & maintain your skin with our professional skincare products.

On the day of your hair removal treatment, refrain from shaving and arrive with skin that is clean and free of lotion and make-up. Some medications such as Ibuprofen cannot be taken 24hrs before or after your treatment.

On the day of your treatment avoid any additional source of heat, including saunas, work outs, jacuzzis, and tanning.

Wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid chafing.

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Treatment results

You see results as soon as your first treatment​. As the treatment progresses, the hair will become increasingly thinner and weaker until it falls off. On average you will require nine sessions to achieve maximum lasting results. It is effective for women and men. 

IPL  (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal is an innovative, reliable and safe method of removing unwanted hair for both men and women. It is gentle on the skin and provides permanent hair reduction on a broad range of skin types.

Packaged treatments start at $59/session or $79 for a single session.

The technology

Through the use of leading phototherapy technology, BodyBrite IPL and Laser hair reduction solutions offer a significant reduction in hair growth at the beginning stages of treatment. Boosting the speedy reduction results are our combination protocols which incorporate IPL and Nd:YAG for maximum efficiency.

BodyBrite's IPL hair removal system can treat all types of skin and hair. Our treatments provide fast, gentle and consistent results at an affordable price, with the convenience of undergoing treatments in less than an hour.

How does it work?​​

IPL hair removal works by delivering rapid pulses of high intensity light to the area that is being treated. The light energy is converted to heat, which destroys the hair follicle from the base, inhibiting future growth. Treatment sessions last 30-60 minutes depending on treated areas.

IPL Hair Removal